Weight Loss Hypnosis with McCullagh Hypnotherapy

Need-HelpHypnotherapy for weight loss works by ending that constant battle about food so that you stop thinking about what you should or shouldn’t eat during the day. My weight loss programme does not use special diets or false promises. It enables you to develop new thoughts and a healthy relationship with food. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to lose weight naturally and easily. It is probably the healthiest ways to lose weight if incorporated properly into a healthy lifestyle plan. It is certainly one of the most natural way to lose weight. Hypnosis works on two levels:

1st: Let go of bad habits and false beliefs that stopped you losing weight before. For example, eating too quickly, eating too much, eating to feel happier or block emotional hurt.

2nd: Move forward by developing new habits and beliefs. Yes you do deserve to look fabulous and be the best you can be!

Feel better about yourself, take back control and weight loss should be natural and part of a well defined plan of who you are and who you want to be. We spend an awful lot of time consciously trying to not be something, or not do something.

* No restrictive diets!
* All foods allowed in moderation!
* No excuses!
* New Self-Image
* More Confidence
Rather than focusing on the loss of weight, learn to naturally focus on what you want, in other words the deeper goals. Lots of people give their goals as weight loss but what they really want are to look and feel better or to fit into smaller clothes or to feel more accepted. By defining and helping with deeper goals, hypnotherapy becomes a valuable resource for weight loss.

The benefits extend much further than the weight loss: you will find you become more focused and motivated, no longer distracted by the calorie counting or guilt associated with endless diets and food fads. New Self-Image. You will still be you, but imagine being you in a happier, healthier and lighter way!