Visualise your way to love

Love McCullagh HypnotherapyEach night as we begin to drift towards sleep we pass through a state of natural hypnosis on our way to that sleep. As we awaken we also move through that state-the “bridge” between sleep and the waking state.

This is a perfect opportunity to put the tool of visualization to work for you, as the mind is most open and powerful then.

Here are 3 easy steps to visualize the kind of relationship you desire, whether to bring new friendships or to you, or to maintain healthy, happy friendships, romances and family relationships.

1. Begin by allowing your mind to clear. Instead of pushing any thoughts out of your mind, simply allow any thoughts to move through your mind, just being aware of those thoughts.

Notice when those thoughts automatically, naturally, begin to slow down. Continue this process until the thoughts have slowed way down.

2. Visualize any aspect of a healthy and happy relationship that you would like to bring into (or bring more of) into your life. For example, you could imagine going somewhere with someone new, or talking and laughing, completely at ease with someone in your life. You could also imagine having an important conversation that would improve a relationship, with all parties involved listening and in agreement, becoming closer.

3. As much as you can, feel the emotions and feelings that you would like to incorporate into the visualization. For example, how would you feel if Mr. or Miss Right came into your life? How would it feel to spend a wonderful time with someone you love? How would it feel to have an important conversation and have it go well?

The subconscious mind takes everything literally, rather than analytically, like the conscious mind. Because of this, you are “training” the subconscious mind to bring you exactly what you want by practicing visualizing what you want! You can do a lot of visualizing in just a very short time, and it is has been proven to be very effective!

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