Therapies Offered

In the menu is a small list of the therapies that McCullagh Hypnotherapy offer – there are many, many more issues / problems that can be successfully dealt with Hypnotherapy – Any queries please ask.

I pride myself in taking the necessary time to understand your goals/dreams/wishes and implement a program designed specifically to meet your individual needs that incorporates hypnosis.

All sessions are strictly confidential and progress at a speed comfortable for yourself.

Hypnotherapy is able to help with problems such as anxiety, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, insomnia, IBS, fears and phobias. I am able to assist those who require pain management, reduce weight and eating disorders. You can see a list of the therapies I offer in the menu, this is only a sample of what Hypnotherapy can do.

More examples of the everyday use of hypnosis for the following include: 

  • Health Prevention  – Habit control such as smoking, hair pulling and weight control, phobias, depression, anxiety, sexual problems, alcoholism, speech problems, chronic pain, self-esteem/ego strengthening, and memory/concentration improvement.
  • Medicine  – Chronic pain, cancer pain, anesthesia and surgery, childbirth, psychosomatic disease, gynecology, control of bleeding, burn therapy, dermatology, pain control, irritable bowel, preparing for surgery, high blood pressure, diabetic treatment compliance, stress management, and much more.
  • Dentistry  – Fear of dentistry, dental surgery, bruxism, control of bleeding, tongue biting, saliva control, orthodontia, gagging, ease of dentures, and general oral hygiene.
  • Additional Uses  – Sports enhancement, improve study habits, meditation, test anxiety, relaxation, enhance the immune system, sleep better, road rage, and healing from within.