Feedback from Leigh-Anne McCauley – 11th March 2017 – Smoking Cessation therapy

This man is amazing! I’ve been a smoker for the last 23 years and have managed to kick the habit! So far I’ve been off them for 15 days and I’m so positive that I’m never going to return to the. Highly recommend.

Feedback from Aiden Carey – 12th December 2016 – Hypnobirthing programme

If you are concerned or worried about labour then I highly recommend doing a course of hypnobirthing with Darryl. He involves your partner and helps you with any questions that you both have. You are provided with relaxing recordings and massage techniques for labour. I managed to give birth in just over 6 hours total with my first child which is so fast for the first time and I didn’t scream once. I could hear other women screaming and shouting all around me and I was just all relaxed and focused using my breathing techniques. Thank you Darryl.

Feedback from Christine Ellesmere – 27/09/15 – Has had three sessions of therapy, two for anxiety/Depression, one for weight managment

Hi started with Darryl about 3 months ago, with severe depression, not sleeping and really not in a good place.

I’ve had 3 lots off treatments with Darryl –  relaxation, anxiety and now gastric band…

I’ve been able too deal with things that normally would off sent me over the top, it has helped me so much.

I know I will still have bad days etc but I now have the technics so there will not be as many. Thank you so so much Darryl oh and just too add with the gastric band therapy, 7 lbs off from Tuesday – amazing.

Feedback from A.G, Bangor – 21/05/15 – Two weeks after smoking cessation therapy

Hi Darryl, just wanted to let you know, the Hypnotherapy worked!!! To be honest I don’t understand how I could ever use the e-cig or smoke. Thanks

Feedback from P.M, Bangor – 9/3/15 – Nail Biting Aversion Therapy – 1 Session

Big big Thank you Darryl. Haven’t bitten my nails in over two weeks.
I now have NAILS, yes my own NAILS, first time ever ,
can’t stop looking at them, even put some light polish on them.
Brilliant, your a gentleman, every one needs you in their life.
Now for your help with not sleeping. X

Feedback from S.F, Bangor – Weight Management (3 Sessions)  25/01/15

Hi Darryl, hope you are well. I have lost 1 stone and am working on number 2. I didnt do too bad over Christmas and disneyland lol.

Further Feedback from C.W, Belfast – Smoking Cessation 12/12/14

Hypnosis was best decision I’ve made in long time only 4 days smoke free and starting to feel the benefits concerning my health thanx for all your help

Feedback from C.W, Belfast – Smoking Cessation 9/12/14

Day 2 off the smokes feeling positive and very relaxes from the hypnosis session thanx so much for all your help


Feedback from S.F, Bangor – Weight Management 1/12/14

Hey darryl just thought I’d let you know that I had my first weigh in since your visit and I lost 4lbs woohoo I am well pleased,i have noticed I am definitely not eating much either, see you on the 16th,thanku x

Feedback from N.M.M, Bangor –  Ten days after receiving sugar aversion therapy 23/11/14

Thank you Darryl, I feel brilliant. Wow, I didn’t think it was possible to stay off chocolate and coke for this long….and it is sooo easy, no craving, no pangs, nothing. lol. I can’t believe I am drinking water now, so happy,can;t believe it, no more litre bottles of coke each day. Thanks again, can’t wait till my next session.

Feedback from J.C, Bangor – Presently receiving treatment for Anxiety and Panic Disorder 18/11/14

Update after yesterdays triple personality lol
Was great all last night until this afternoon and felt chest tighten and thigh muscles spasm. I knew I needed to rest so stuck headphones in with yesterday’s thingy ( can’t remember name) and I never made to the other ‘me’ but have had 2 panic attacks this evening again stuck headphones in and again fell asleep and 2nd panic attack listened to all and chatted with self and it worked.

I couldn’t believe how positive, relaxed and energised I felt afterwards.

Feedback from C.P, Bangor – Smoking Cessation

Hi Darryl,
Was going to put a wee post on your page but it doesn’t seem to let me.
I just wanted to say thank you… I’ve been off the ciggs for about a month now! I’m on the Eciggs but only at the weekends. Maybe I’ll get you back soon to get me off those too
Thanks again :-))

Feedback from S.I, Belfast after one session of Emotional Eating Therapy 19/10/14

No snack in the evening after dinner apart from a satsuma. Now in burger king and I don’t want anything apart from a hot drink… I’ve never been in burger king and not drooled all over the floor. Yay, thank you.

Feedback from J.C, Bangor 16/10/14

I had my 1st session yesterday for panic and anxiety attacks that I have been experiencing. Ordinarily, I would be lucky to sleep 2hrs at a time. I woke twice during night instead of more like 20. I even used bubbles 🙂 thank you

Feedback from E.O, Belfast 28/08/14

★★★★★ Darryl Thanks so much for ur help.. I’m over the moon.. my convidence is flying.. after bout year an a half I can honesty say how proud I am putting my teeth in.. relaxation cd doing wonders.. feeling fab 

Further Feedback from P.F, Bangor 15/08/14

Hi Darryl

Today was my weigh in and after last month with losing nothing, I was really
nervous. As we are going out to dinner tonight I decided to get weighed today
rather than tomorrow, and while I was on the scales I had my eyes closed as I was
too scared to look. I tell you now if there was no one in Boots you would have heard
me cheer for joy as I have another 7lbs off, which takes me to 25lbs in 16 weeks.

Absolutely delighted, there no stopping me now.

Feedback from J. G, Bangor, three days after smoking cessation therapy 28/07/14

it’s very strange but also brilliant…. I feel like I’ve never smoked although cough says different lol

Feedback from O.M via text message after sugar aversion therapy 23/06/14

Haven’t had any sugar sweets cake or fizzy pop since your last visit and was at a kids party:) very happy bunny thank you

Further Feedback from P.F, Bangor 21/06/14

Hi Darryl

We’ll just wanted to give you a further update as today was weigh in, I have lost another 8lbs, that now makes 18lbs in 8 weeks, which I’m really pleased about.
See you Monday.

Feedback from N.G, Newtownards 25/05/14

Before I met with Darryl I was a nervous wreck, constantly on edge and struggled to leave the house. The first session I could hardly even look Darryl in the eyes. I was a shell of my former self. After a few sessions he had taught me to relax properly and worked on controlling my panic attacks and anxiety. My last session with Darryl I was actually smiling and making eye contact. The tools his hypnotherapy gave me enabled me to control my panic attacks and taught me to lower my anxiety. I would highly recommend Darryls services to anyone suffering from anxiety or panic disorders. He changed my way of life for the better.

Further Feedback from P.F, Bangor 24/05/14

Hi Darryl,

I wanted to give you an update on how things are going. Well work is really manic at the moment but I’m taking it all in my stride and not letting it get to me.
Today I weighed myself after a month of not being on chocolate and I’m really chuffed that I had 10lbs off which is a great result.

Thank you for your support and I’m looking forward to the next stage.

Feedback from PF, Bangor 10/05/14

As discussed I wanted to let you know how I’m getting on.

Well I’ve listened to the cd a total of 4 times since you let last week and it has really helped as work has been very stressful this week, more than usual, which has been a challenge for me not to go back to the comfort eating.

Normally for me I would reach for the chocolate, but I haven’t and I also haven’t substituted it for anything else. This Sunday will make it 2 weeks without chocolate which is a big achievement for me.

Feedback from CM, Donaghadee 8/05/14

Week 1 = weight loss 1lb, ok so its not as much as I’d hoped for but my eating habits are changing, no doubt about that. If I can drop 1lb every week for the next year I’ll be very happy. My motivation is still high, I’m exercising more, I’m sleeping better and feeling very positive  lets see what next week brings. See you Wednesday.


Feedback from LM, Newtownards 6/05/14 – One week after Sugar Aversion Therapy

Hi Darryl, very pleased to be able to say that things are going great! Haven’t wanted or had anything sweet and I’ve lost a few lbs so I’m really happy.

Feedback from OH, Bangor 28/03/14

Easy to talk to, very understanding! I thoroughly enjoyed my hypnosis with Darryl- so far so good!

Further Feedback from BC, Bangor  16/03/14

Week 5 update after my hypno gastric band… I have now lost 12.5 lb since I had my band fitted. Week 4 I had a slight panic as I only lost 1/2 lb and kept asking myself what I had done wrong or has this stopped working but no it was just one of those weeks and this week felt stronger to keep going and the proof was another 3lb lost…. I have had no Cravings for 5 weeks, no fast food at all. No crisps even the thought of eating a packet of crisps makes me feel ill and those were my real demon. A large bag of walkers sensations and a dip all in 1 night…. I feel fantastic people are now noticing my weight loss and only 13 lbs to go to get to my ideal weight!!! Thank you so much Darryl


Feedback from AK, Dundonald 28/02/14

Hi Darryl. Here is my update after last night: After you left i did find myself feeling getting tired,found myself yawning at least 4 times. Just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep lol but cudnt as i knew i had to go collect my daughter who had went out, later that evening. Anyhow come 1130pm i had to ring her and say i was coming early as i could hardly stay awake. Collected her came home and got into bed. I noticed my speech was begiining to slurr and i felt that ‘woah feeling’ like i did when i woke up from the relaxation u did to me was still with me and my whole body feeling tired/heavy. Anyhow lights out 12.15 and next thing i remember is waking up at 4.30am for a drink,but feeling very drowsy and straight bak to sleep till alarm went at 630am. Still felt sleepy/droswy so once daughter was sorted/up ok i went bak to bed till 9am and woke up feeling ok and been total fine so far. So yeah for me a great first step and knowing i slept feels good.


Feedback from PM, Bangor 25/02/14 – PM left feedback after her consultation which includes a taster of hypnosis

Have only had my relaxation so far and I didn’t believe in this but hafta say I feel on top off the world 2day.. So positive defo highly recommend this treatment 2 anyone

Further Feedback from BC, Bangor 21/02/14

So here I am at the end of week 2 after my gastric hypnotherapy band. Last week I was amazed at losing 4lbs well this week I have lost another 3lbs !!!! Can’t believe how well this has worked the biggest difference I find is in myself I now naturally serve myself smaller portions and feel just as full. I have hardly had any sweets or chocolate which I used to eat in abundance, now I eat maybe 3 or 4 matchmakers and that’s me. The other big achievement for this week was taking my daughter and her friend to mcdonalds and whilst sitting down I realised that I hadn’t ordered anything for myself, usually I join in and whether I want it or not order myself a large mcchicken sandwich meal… But something inside said I didn’t need it and I left mcdonalds quite happy not even a craving or a feeling that I have missed out. So excited now for the future to get myself to my ideal weight knowing that Darryl is always there for any support or help should I feel that I am moving backwards …. But all positive for me so far


Further Feedback from RMB, Groomsport 16/02/14

At 1.30 i have been a non smoker for 3full weeks !! Thanks to darryl & hypnotherapy to cope with stress & a new mind set !! Still hard times but fewer & farther between ! It only takes a second to tell my mind NO !! Healthwise im cough & inhaller completely free !! Sleep better & no stale smoke smells !!

Further Feedback from BC, Bangor 14/02/14

So here I am day 7 of my hypno band therapy and I have just weighed and in the last 7 days alone I have lost 4lbs !! Can’t believe it, can’t believe how this simple method is working but I am delighted. It’s all about portion control and controlling those urges I find myself now naturally serving up smaller portions and the fact that I am not feeling hungry in between meals helps stop my snacking on bad things. I have listened to my CD twice this week and it just helps to enforce everything, have my booster session with Darryl on Monday. will keep you all posted over the coming weeks.

Feedback from BC, Bangor 8/02/14

So last night I had my weight loss gastric band hypnotherapy session ….did I feel any different after, no not really. I woke up this morning early and came down and poured my usual breakfast of crunchy nut cornflakes and tucked in as normal. 3 to 4 spoonfuls fine no change the after about 5 to 6 I just sort of felt different can’t really explain how though. I think I managed 8 spoons of cereal and that was me ….laughed at my husband and just said I don’t understand this. Afterwards felt a little sickly and just like I didn’t want to eat anything else. So day carried on as normal and lunchtime came so I made my usual a lovely baguette with chicken and some crisps on the side with a cuppa and so I started. Thankfully I had cut my baguette in half because for some reason that was all I could eat !!! Again I laughed stared at my husband, stared at my plate and was not really sure what was going on …again I had that over eating feeling for a while after but nothing that stopped me going about my usual day. Was out in the car and started to eat some chocolate only to find that I was feeling slightly yucky while eating it and only managed a small amount. Tea tonight is a small pie and some salad so will see how that goes but basing what I have eaten so far against my usual Saturday I would say that I am 50% against my usual intake.

Feedback from RMB, Groomsport 26/1/14

So far 28 hrs non smoker ! May not sound soectacular but i have immense stress levels & have smoked for 55yrs !! So baby steps r amazing & daryll has given me th building blocks !! Nothing worthwhile is wvwr easy !!

Feedback from PG. Bangor 21/01/14

I just want to say thanks so much for all the help you are giving me. I have finally stopped smoking through your help, and I am thrilled. I am not addicted to smoking any longer for the first time in my life, By following the step you showed me to minimise my stressful moments I’m managing really well. I feel like brand new. Thanks again, and I will certainly recommend you to others.

Feedback from WM,Bangor on 23/11/13

I had a Hypnotherapy session with Darryl on Saturday morning and can truly say I knew I was stressed with life, kids and my wedding approaching. I could hear everything Darryl was saying to me, and felt very comfortable and relaxed. The whole experience itself was very calming, relaxing and enjoyable. When I came round I felt like I had a good nights sleep (which never happens in my house with a 2 and 3 year old). As my day and weekend progressed I felt like I was able to deal with what ever was thrown at me, I felt like I was in control of my kids rather than them being in control of me  I definitely feel less stressed after seeing Darryl, so a big thank you!!!! I will definitely be back!! xx

Feedback from NM, Newtownards on 20/11/13

Ok peeps so i had hypnotherapy with Darryl last week….and i can honestly say it was brill and ill be back…..def……it really help with sleep and de stressing……i was so relaxed it was unbelivable …..most relaxed ive been in months……cant wait for second session xxxx♡♡♡♡

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