Stop smoking for October

So it is October and this year as per usual is flying passed. The big push this month is stopping smoking or better known as Stopober. This is a great opportunity for a lot of people to stop smoking with support from the NHS. By signing up online, you can receive free daily emails and an information pack that tells you all the facts and figures for stopping the dreaded weed. You can sign up by clicking HERE.


Now some people are unable to smoke smoking by will power alone and require that extra bit of guidance and support. hypnosis is a great support and guidance system to help people stop smoking. With a suggested success rate of 98%, this is far higher than patches, E-cigs and medication combined.

McCullagh Hypnotherapy can help by providing one-to-one support in the comfort of your own home. The therapy plus consultation take approximately one and a half hours and cost £50. You also receive a CD or digital download of the therapy to help strengthen the therapy. If interested, contact Darryl on 07751227738 or email