Some tips to help you quit smoking

Here are some useful tips to help you quit smoking

Try and think ahead to the benefits that come from deciding to stop smoking. What will you gain from becoming a non smoker?

  • More money for you and for your family.
  • A chance to taste and smell your food and the world around you and fresher breath.
  • Less stress and anxiety…because often you link it to smoking even if you don’t realise.
  • Much better health for you and for the sake of your children.
  • A stronger heart and cleaner lungs

Why not add up how much you spend on smoking. What does smoking cost?
Work out what you pay per week and then multiply it by 52 and see how much that adds up to in a year.
Now have a think about what you could do with that money.
The choice is yours.  If you think even further ahead three or even five years…just notice how it all adds up.
What an amazing treat you could have with that money.

Preparing for the day that you quit…

  • Try and chose a date to quit smoking that is unlikely to be stressful.
  • Make sure you don’t have any cigarettes or lighters and matches on you.
  • Maybe even avoid the pub or other places where people smoke for that day

Remember…there is never “Just one cigarette”

Think about all the positives to this amazing change you are making.
Keep yourself busy for the first few days. Keep away from the smoking areas.
Be kind to yourself
Get lots of fresh air and remember “You can do it”

If your ready to quit, then I am ready to help . Call or text me 07751227738
I look forward to hearing from you
Darryl McCullagh Dip Hyp

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