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McCullagh Hypnotherapy stop smokingThe fact that you accessed this web page is a good indication that you want to stop smoking. You will find you can do it with hypnosis. In the past 3 years my method has helped loads of people in their own homes, stop smoking completely and permanently through hypnosis.

Ninety percent of them only needed one session of hypnosis to quit smoking! The other 10% needed 2 to 3 sessions to get rid of the smoking habit completely and permanently.
Hypnosis helps you to get rid of the smoking habit and also helps eliminate the desire and craving for cigarettes or other types of smokes such as cigars. In addition it aids in strengthening your will-power and self control.
Are there any side-effects?

Many people wonder if they will experience withdrawal symptoms or gain weight when they quit smoking through hypnosis. Some also wonder if they will be nervous. It is surprising, but most people after being hypnotized discover that the side-effects they experience are all good effects! It is very rare they experience any withdrawal symptoms and seldom do they gain weight. In fact, some who are overweight even find themselves reducing automatically. Instead of being nervous, they usually discover they are more calm and relaxed as they go about their daily activities. One of the most important side effects you will notice is the improvement of your health. You will be happy to notice that you keep feeling better and you will continue having more energy and vitality.
Will I ever smoke again?

Hypnosis does not make it impossible for you to smoke. It helps you get rid of the habit of smoking, and helps eliminate the desire. But if you decide sometime in the future that you want to smoke, you would be able to do so. However, it is very rare that a person ever decides to start smoking after successfully getting rid of the smoking habit with hypnosis. You will feel so much better with clear lungs and vibrant health that it is doubtful you would ever decide to go back to smoking.
Why does hypnosis work?

Most of the people who have decided to use my method of hypnosis have usually tried every other known technique, but have been unsuccessful. And they often come with many doubts. That’s one of the reasons it is so amazing that more than 90% are completely and permanently free from the smoking habit after only one session with my method of hypnosis. A smoker may consciously want to quit smoking. She doesn’t like the terrible smell. He doesn’t like the way it affects his health. She doesn’t like being short-winded. He doesn’t like burning holes in his clothes or furniture. But he or she continues smoking in spite of many reasons for wanting to quit.
These people are unable to quit smoking because they are being controlled by their subconscious mind. The conscious level of the mind can be used to reason and think, but it cannot over-rule the control of the subconscious mind that has been programmed by imprints, impressions and ideas the conscious level of the mind is not even aware of. And this is one of the main reasons Hypnotherapy can be so effective in helping people overcome the smoking habit. When you are hypnotized, even though you are still aware of what is happening, the suggestions given by the hypnotherapist are received by the subconscious mind, and have a powerful effect in releasing those imprints, impressions, thoughts ideas or memories that have been causing the problem. Unless the subconscious mind is changed, the smoking habit continues to dominate the person. Normal will power can only dent the surface temporarily. Hypnosis can permanently change the subconscious mind. To change your subconscious mind, hypnosis is an effective tool when used properly by a well trained Hypnotherapist.
A team of researchers at University of Iowa evaluated 633 quit smoking programs involving 71,806 participants in North America and Europe. Their research concluded that the Hypnosis stop smoking success rate was over three times more successful than using nicotine replacements such as nicotine patches or gums, and Hypnosis was fifteen times more effective than quitting smoking using a “cold turkey” approach.

Darryl McCullagh Dip Hyp / Cert HypB


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