Relax n’ Birth Testimonials

Feedback from Aideen Carey – 12th December 2016

If you are concerned or worried about labour then I highly recommend doing a course of hypnobirthing with Darryl. He involves your partner and helps you with any questions that you both have. You are provided with relaxing recordings and massage techniques for labour. I managed to give birth in just over 6 hours total with my first child which is so fast for the first time and I didn’t scream once. I could hear other women screaming and shouting all around me and I was just all relaxed and focused using my breathing techniques. Thank you Darryl.

Feedback from Lauren Kay-McDowell – 7th November 2016

Thank you Darryl for making me feel confident, relaxed and excited for my birth. You gave me a great amount of knowledge that I never had. It was a pleasure to meet you, and highly recommend you. Thanks again! Lauren.

Feedback from Amy Marks – 15th March 2016

Darryl was fantastic, really easy to get along with and made me feel totally comfortable. I don’t usually relax into this type of thing very well but I found all the information provided very useful. I ended up having a wonderful natural birth with a short labour after a traumatic instrumental delivery with my first. I never though I’d get the natural birth I wanted but it couldn’t have went better and I really believe that hypnobirthing played a massive part in that. Thank you Darryl for all your help!

Feedback from Kathryn Carmichael and Sam Beck after the birth of their daughter – 11th November 2015

Thank you so much Darryl for giving me the knowledge & confidence to have the most amazing birth experience I could have wished for.

Although I was skeptical it would work for me I was proved very wrong in the end & I will be recommending hypnobirthing to everyone & particularly Relax n’ Birth

A New Birth – Harrison Cooper James McGrattan at 9am on the 5th August 2015 at 7lb and 13ozs

Congratulations to Becci Cooper and Adam McGrattan on the birth of their son Harrison Cooper James McGrattan today at 9am.

Becci’s words,
“Labour was beautiful. Most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. Harrison Cooper James McGrattan born 9am exactly at 7lb 13 in the pool with just gas and air at the end. Very happy parents and would like to thank Darryl for all his help in making this such a wonderful and natural experience.”

Full hypnobirthing birth story can be found here.

Feedback from Kelsey & Roy, Bangor – 22/7/15 – After completing the four week group work sessions.


Mother-to-be = It was something I had always wanted. The pregnancy was a surprise and I can be quite an anxious person. I had a lot of concerns & fears around the birthing and being in a lot of pain. My biggest fear was not being able to control the situation & the unknown with this being our first. Relax n’ Birth has enabled me to feel and manage in control and provided ways to breath at birth.

Father-to-be = I didn’t have much experience or pretence but with reading up a little I personally think its a good thing and if it can be naturally the better.


The information shared was brilliant for us as first time parents. Having the information, handouts and CD’s for us to read back over in our own time was great. A completely new outlook on birthing and an empowering experience. An influx of information you couldn’t find anywhere else. Such a bonus for my partner as he wouldn’t have known anything otherwise.

Feedback from Ashleigh & Terence – After completing the four week group work sessions

Mother-to-be = Scared, not confident, worried and anxious.
Father-to-be = Skeptical, but through the process of the course I’m now more knowledgeable on the Hypnobirthing process and will be a lot more confident on the day my daughter is born.
Mother-to-be after the course = More positive and relaxed and now very excited to bring my baby into the world instead of feeling anxious. To be part of a team and know we can make our own choices and decisions with our birth plan and cord cutting etc.


Thank you card received 8/7/15

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Further Feedback from Clare McDermott & Marc Foster – Facebook Feedback 24/6/15

WOW! What an experience. Had four group sessions and as a first time Mum to be, I now have all the tools and info to have the best labour possible. My partner has a role, an extremely important role & together we are ready for it all. Darryl is amazing, so informative, funny, easy to talk to to, approachable and nothing is a problem. He doesn’t know it yet but hes my 2nd birth partner I shouldn’t joke but really folks this is the road to go down to give you the confidence, determination & excitement you need to give birth. #nofear – thanks so much Darryl!

Clare McDermott & Marc Foster – Feedback left after completing four week group-work course 23/6/15

Will really miss it Darryl! thanks so much for all the tools to have our perfect birth. Thanks to you i know we can do this. for anyone thinking of this, definitely enquire – i am 100% that from meeting Darryl, we have had a less stressful, more confident experience of pregnancy and as first time parents we are ready and still have ten weeks before our baba makes an appearance!
Becci Cooper and Adam McGrattan from Lisburn – Completed the four week course 25/5/15
Having completed the course I can honestly say this man will make you excited, yes excited, about giving birth.

I have changed as a person, i’m calmer and more positive. My partner is relishing the responsibility of the birthing too.

It’s brought us even closer together. I’m a first time mum and this has really given me some much needed confidence.

Thank you Darryl.

Natasha Machala and Jamie Edgar from Bangor – Just completed the four week course 12/5/15

When I first found out I was pregnant, I wanted all the pain relief I could get and I thought that people who chose not too were strange. Now I realise the benefits of having a natural birth. I can’t wait until my little one is here.

Relax n’ Birth has given us the help, confidence & knowledge we lacked about childbirth before doing the course. It opened our eyes to a more positive labour where we bring our daughter into a relaxed, calm environment & also gives my partner more of a hands on approach and first point of contact in case of emergency.

We wouldn’t be as excited for labour if not for Relax n’ Birth.

Claire McDermont from Newtownards – Left this feedback on a page on Facebook after her consultation 11/5/15.

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Emma and Kevin Willis from Bangor – Just completed the four week course 7/05/15

We feel the course with Darryl at Relax n’ Birth has cemented our beliefs and given us the tools we need to succeed at having a calm, natural birth.

Darryl is a wealth of information and passionate about both birth and Hypnotherapy, a combination that can be nothing but beneficial for any prospective Hypnobirthing couples.