Regression Therapy

There are a number of different types of regression with the three most common being:

Age Regression

The process is very gentle and involved sitting in a chair and with your eyes closed and I will use visualisation techniques which will lead you slowly back to an earlier stage in your life.
Often with regression you will achieve a much clearer memory of the experience and you will be able to re-examine it and perhaps change your perception of it.
In addition to being used to identified the origins of emotional issues it also can be used to help recover memory e.g.: if your have lost something, or forgotten an important pin number, etc.

Diagnostic Regression

This technique can be used when a person is uncertain of the true origin of an emotional or psychosomatic physical condition. The technique is gently and involves you being relaxed down using hypnotic induction and then slowly going back year by year right back to when you were in your mothers womb. Your unconscious mind is invited to indicate a time that something happened that may have contributed to the problem you are addressing.
Once a specific year is identified by taking a detailed case history and perhaps asking family the offending experience can be identified. This could be anything from being stung, having a frightening experience with a bird, spider, cat, dentist, doctor, choking on food or any of hundreds of upsetting experiences that may still affect you now but you do not actually remember. Sometimes the origin of phobias can be traced back to a forgotten memory.
On rare occasions this technique can reveal a past hidden traumatic memory such a domestic violence or abuse. Recovered memory are usually accurate but there are rare occasions when they may be fabricated (perhaps recalling something seen on television as a child) so we would always try to verify with other sources.

Past Life Regression

This is an area where there is little research to explain what is happening but there can be a therapeutic value in cases of unexplained emotional or physical conditions (psychosomatic conditions).
Some believe that there may be a way we yet do not understand that we can tap into the memories of people from the past. Others believe that for some unexplained reason the unconscious mind can make up a very vivid and detailed life of a person from the past perhaps as a way of helping a person resolve an emotional or physical issue. What is harder to understand is where people have apparently talked in a foreign language (which they have not studied) or where they detail a life of a person who is later traced and where there is no obvious link.
The session involves relaxing the client down using hypnosis which takes you back to meet a past life. Typically you will be directed to look around your home in that life and also the town or village where the past life lives. You can be taken to the point before your past life’s death and then after their death where you go through a process of letting go.
Rarely a client can have a sad or disturbing past life and it that event the session can be gently stopped at the request of the client. People can have more than one past life and sometimes the past life can be of the opposite sex, from hundreds of years ago or from overseas.
If you would like more information about the above regression techniques or having regression therapy yourself, then contact me:
Darryl McCullagh

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