2018 Hypnotherapy Price List

I am very aware of the current financial situation and that money is fore front of peoples minds and worries. With this in mind, I work with you in your own home and this cuts down costs and ultimately the price I charge you for my services.

  • Consultation – Lasts approximately 1 hour – FREE (if you live within ten miles of Bangor, over ten miles will be charged as a full therapy session of £35). 
  • All therapy sessions – Phobias, anxiety, allergies, I.B.S etc – Depending on the type of therapy needed, but each session will be approximately 60 minutes  long – All sessions are £35. Depending on the problem/issue, more than one session may be required – which will be discussed at consultation. Smoking Cessation therapy session is £55.

2018 Hypnobirthing Price List

I always give a free no-obligation, consultation to answer any questions you may have.

  • Introductory cost for the 1-to-1 private sessions in your own home, held as four, two hour sessions is £180.00. That works out at £45 per two hour session for you both. The fee includes three Hypnobirthing therapy CD’s/digital downloads, two relaxation CD’s/digital downloads and self-hypnosis tracks and all hand-outs. If you have a friend/family member that is expecting, why not share the cost of the course.
  • Group-work. Group-work will be held in Bangor (Venue to be announced). There will only be a maximum of four birthing couples per course. The course will be approximately two hours every week for four weeks, Check the Relax n’ Birth Facebook page for dates, venues and times. Book early as places go quickly. Total price per couple for the whole course plus materials is £24 per week.
  • 2 Hour Technique Course – Relax n’ Birth are now offering a special one-off 2 hour technique course. In the two hours, you will be taught the three breathing techniques associated with Hypnobirthing, self-hypnosis, Hypnotherapy for relaxed birthing, partner assisted massage techniques for Oxytocin release, birthing positions and pregnancy exercises.
    The two hour course is £55 and you will get all the materials, booklets, MP3’s that you would normally get with the full course.

In some circumstances I can provide a payment plan, please contact to discuss an affordable payment scheme. I do not charge interest.

  • As I am now getting more and more requests to work with people outside of my local area, because of this, I charge mileage for any clients that live more than ten miles from Bangor, £5 (Paid at each session). Even with this extra cost, you will still find my prices very competitive with other Hypnotherapists, and remember I work with you on a one-to-one basis in the comfort of your own home.
  • I am now accepting credit card payments. These will be processed through a mobile Payleven chip & pin card reader (The same system that is used in shops)  A very secure and safe method of payment. Takes away the hassle of having to pay in cash. A receipt will be emailed to yourself as well as a written one by myself at point of payment.IMAG0989