Making Your Hypnosis Success Last

When you have a session with a Hypnotherapist you want to know that the therapy will work and that it won’t wear off.

Your subconscious mind is a very complex and intricate infrastructure. Therefore, the reasons why you behave the way you do are never the same as the reasons why another person behaves the way they do. Accordingly, it’s not enough just to treat the presenting symptom – you have to go deep into the subconscious and find the cause of the problem as well.

Let’s take quitting smoking as an example; some people are able to quit smoking with hypnosis after one session, never to touch a cigarette again. I know this because I’m still in touch with several clients who quit smoking with me many years ago, and they’re STILL not smoking (woohoo!).

If only it could be this simple for everyone. Unfortunately it’s not, for the reasons I mentioned before; whatever motivates YOU to smoke (or overeat or gamble) is completely different to the reasons why your friend continues to smoke. Your friend might be purely a habit smoker. That is, they smoke just because they have always smoked. All that is needed in this situation is a desire to quit smoking, and after that, with the help of a skilled Hypnotherapist it’s pretty straightforward.

If you smoke when you’re stressed, bored, annoyed or upset you might fall into the category of ‘anxiety smoker’. Don’t think if this is the case you can’t beat your addiction; it just might take a little longer. On average clients who have 2-3 sessions of hypnosis have a better chance of staying off the cigarettes for good.

You might think that smoking is the only problem you need to solve – and that may well be true. On the other hand, the cause of your smoking may be more complex and need proper diagnosis by a qualified Hypnotherapist. If you knew why despite mammoth efforts you haven’t been able to let go of smoking, you would have already quit by now. The good news is: I can find the cause and fix it without you having to tell me anything.

The other important factor to consider is the potential pay-off for continuing with the unwanted behaviour. If you want to stop a particular behaviour or make a change but find yourself doing everything you can to make sure this doesn’t happen, it could be because on some level you don’t want to change. Even if you know why you’re self-sabotaging, you can’t access the part of your mind that can change this by yourself.

The key to getting lasting results  is to choose a Hypnotherapist who has the experience, skills and techniques that enable him/her to diagnose your specific blocks to happiness, health and well-being.

Be very wary of a Hypnotherapist who treats clients in a group or in pairs – this is a clear indication that he/she is using a generic ‘one size fits all’ approach. Like I said before, the therapy must be personally tailored if you’re going to get the results you want.

Not all hypnotherapists are equal!

Darryl McCullagh Dip Hyp, Cert HypB


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