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Hypnosis for anger and other modern day problems

Did someone put the straw on your back that “broke the camel’s back” and you lost control and went into a tailspin? Think of it this way, they helped you see where your weak spot is so you can repair it.

When did you get so angry?

EWhat I see in my clients is unexpressed emotions at time of occurrence. Few of us know how to properly deal with emotions/anger outbursts when they arise, mainly because our brain is in primitive mode. After the event we brush it off, or stuff it deep down inside. Those emotions are trying to help us. They are saying that something needs our attention, like a warning light on the dashboard of your car. You can ignore it, but…you are probably creating a bigger problem.

How to shift out of anger: hypnosis is a solution.

Hypnosis is a tool to shift up to a broader view of their experience and better understand the events around the initial cause. Additionally we use direct suggestion to communicate new positive ideas, concepts and visualizations. Hypnosis creates a state of control over the outcome of the event and because the brain doesn’t distinguish between real and imagined we can create new imagined outcomes for future scenarios. It is amazingly effective and transformative.

Are you feeling angry or having occasional anger outbursts? Hypnosis offers a way to transform that energy into something positive and for that to be the new normal.

Darryl McCullagh Dip Hyp / Cert HypB


Disassociating ourselves from our bad habits

How can some people live with phobia’s for years and years and then suddenly overcome them? While others can live with phobias for the majority of there lives and never overcome them? The secret to overcoming phobias for most people is through disassociating yourself from the habit. How do you do this you ask?

Imagine Jennifer has a fear of flying, yet she has to fly twice a year for business trips. She spends nights not being able to sleep, thinking about the upcoming trip that is unavoidable. She even considers quitting the job she loves to avoid the bi-annual meeting she conducts for her company. Think of all the time Jennifer wastes worrying about this problem. Time that she could be spending with her family, or on a hobby.

One day a friend helps her realize how much time she has lost over this fear and gets her to do a little exercise. He helps her by getting her to focus on how stupid she feels orchestrating her life around a fear that other people don’t have. A fear that has no basis in reality. He gets her to imagine all of the times, back-to-back, the stupid scenes she has created on the plane, or prior to her trip, and watch them as if she spliced these scenes all together but this time from the perspective of an outside observer. She gets angry! She watches these videos of herself and watches herself in these scenes and says, “This is completely ridiculous.” He gets her to watch these videos a series of five times in a row until she says, “enough is enough, I am not going to live this way anymore.”

Sounds too easy? Well this exercise actually works. Most times that we imagine situations, we place ourselves in the middle of the imagination, which creates a sense as close to experiencing it, as actually experiencing it. When we imagine and imagine from outside of the scenario we are creating a disassociation from whatever we are imagining. This keeps the emotions in check and allows us to see more accurately.

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Will Power, Self Control & Habits

Willpower is the effort needed to make a good choice and carry it out. Have you noticed that it is sometimes so easy to make a good decision and to stick with it and yet, often, the thing you want the most feels like the hardest thing to achieve?

There are many issues that we need more willpower for such as smoking, overeating, drinking or eliminating what we know is not good for us. It could be that you continually bite your nails or don’t go to the gym when you promised yourself you would. Or maybe, you find yourself reaching for the chocolate biscuits even when you told yourself you would stick to your diet.

Control your habits – don’t let them control you.

Does your life seemed to be running out of control and taking you with it? Do you eat more than you should or have one more drink when you said you wouldn’t? Most of our health problems stem from lack of self control.

What does out of control feel like? Overweight, unhappy, guilty? When we are in control, we feel so much better. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live like this all the time?
Well you can. You can have something that works from the inside out and lasts. You won’t need to battle with yourself – it can just seem natural and easy.

It is the power of your unconscious mind which is fighting against your conscious intentions and resolutions – and it’s not helping you. To live the life you want, do the things you want to do and stop letting bad habits have control, we need to harness the power of your unconscious mind in a positive way so that your self control will be effortless. Hypnotherapy helped you to change the way your unconscious mind works for you.

Darryl McCullagh Dip Hyp / Cert HypB

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Are you a shopaholic?

Shopaholic is a term which, when used to describe a prodigal wife/husband/child, doesn’t seem much of a disorder. But what if someone goes home to find their family member, who bought a ridiculously overpriced dress when there is no occasion, tells that he/she bought it just because they couldn’t stop themselves from buying it.

What if the person finds that it is not the end and that particular member of the family does it on a regular basis of twenty days a month or so and stopped just because he/she could not afford it anymore on that particular month?

That is now called a disorder which needs to be addressed. Which if left unattended can grow into a serious addiction.


It doesn’t start on a single day and there may be many reasons for it to take stem. Some may become shopaholics to keep their depressions dormant by buying something fancy while some may go for it just to pass the time until they are consumed by it.

Hypnosis, an effective way?

It is not that easy to keep this compulsive buying disorder in check by one self. If it had been that easy then one wouldn’t have fallen as its prey in the first place.

So there comes a solution in the form of a hypnosis, which works effectively. Hypnosis not only works effectively but it also works in a very short period.

McCullagh Hypnotherapy helps a person to overcome the disorder by slowly bringing a change in the thought process of that person. Hypnotherapist Darryl helps a person to overcome shopping addiction with hypnosis and helps a person to eliminate that obsessive urge to shop just for the pleasure of it. By the end of the Hypnosis sessions a person can emerge as someone who holds complete control over what he/she is going to buy. Such will be the advantage of hypnosis with Darryl

By taking this effective path of taking the help of Darryl at McCullagh Hypnotherapy one can not only come out of this disorder but also come out of debts that are caused by it.

Darryl McCullagh

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