Hypnosis is my last chance to lose weight.

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As a Hypnotherapist and working with many clients who suffer with anxiety and depression and also the need to lose weight I constantly hear:

“You are my last chance, my last resort. Please help me!! I’ve tried every diet under the sun. I’ve tried so many weight loss pills and dozens of shakes and detoxes.
I’ve even tried having food delivered, but nothing has helped. In fact I seem to have put on more weight over the time.”

Most of my clients have at some time joined weight loss and fitness clubs, having some success but with only short term effects.

My answer is always “Yes, I can help! However, you must really want to change.”

When I ask my clients what the most important reason they want to lose the weight its always “my health and to look and feel better”.

This is where hypnosis comes in.

During your hypnotherapy weight loss session you become very relaxed and feel a lovely feeling of detachment.
While you are in this relaxed state, I can give powerful, positive suggestions that will help you on the way to permanent weight loss.

There are three main points that I work on to help you take control in your daily life and make the right decisions that will lead to your weight loss goals.

The first one is portion size. During the session I will help you to choose smaller portions and to eat slowly and consciously so that you are controlling the amount you eat.

The second one is water… We all know how important water is to health, but most people don’t drink enough water and many even tell me they hate drinking water! Water is wonderful and hydrates our body and mind so that we can think more clearly and make better life choices.
So during your hypnosis session, I can make suggestions that will lead you to love drinking water.

The third thing I work with to help you lose weight is breathing. I will teach you some wonderful breathing exercises that will help you feel calm and in control.

So these are the points I look at during a hypnotherapy session that will help you lose weight:
1. To eat smaller portions, slowly and consciously, so that you never overeat but still feel satisfied.
2. To drink lots of water so that you are hydrated and can think clearly and make the right decisions.
3. To remember to breathe deeply so you can feel calm and in control during your weight loss journey.


Remember – our bodies were meant to move to enjoy!

You don’t have to wait until tomorrow… you can start right now!

Good luck and always feel free to phone me on 07751227738 or email darryl@mccullaghhypnotherapy.co.uk.


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