Hypnosis can help you get out of your own way

Do you ever feel like your standing at a crossroads when making decisions or while trying to create change in your life?

How about when you DO decide to do something (like lose weight or begin a new career), but it seems like the entire universe is conspiring against you? Maybe it’s more simple for you—and there always seems to be a wall or block impeding your progress in some area of life?

While the experience of self-sabotage is different for everyone, the cause of it—is not. The cause of each and every block within you, has its roots deeply embedded within your mind. Specifically, your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where you hold all of your memories, experiences, beliefs, and expectations. It’s the control room of your life. So, basically, if you don’t have control of the helm-of-your-mind, you’re probably experiencing difficulty reaching new goals, letting go of bad habits and living life to the fullest!

You are in your own way. This means that you want something consciously that is in direct conflict with your subconscious programs or beliefs. In order to create peace and harmony between these two parts of your mind, you need to have tools and know how to use them. This is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis is a simple-to-learn, easy-to-use, tool of the mind. It’s a tool that allows for BOTH parts of your brain to work together. And when both parts of your mind work together, you can finally get out of your own way.

Goals will be easier to reach. Change will happen without the endless struggle and constant obstacles. You will be a better you. When you know how to direct and control the awesome power within your own mind, you can make a beautiful difference in your life. (and the lives of those around you). Hypnosis (or self-hypnosis as it’s better described), can get you in balance and working in harmony with both sides of your brain.

Hypnosis works. You just have to give it a chance. Beginning a new year is a perfect time to think about what you would like to improve in your life and making the needed changes to create it. Let me help!

Darryl McCullagh Dip Hyp / Cert HypB


EMAIL: darryl@mccullaghhypnotherapy.co.uk

WEB: www.mccullaghhypnotherapy.co.uk

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