Hypnobirthing F.A.Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend my Hypnobirthing class with me?

Hypnobirthing places the role of the family as central to the whole birthing process. Your birthing partner (not necessarily the birth father)  is encouraged to attend all the sessions with you. Bring along anyone you choose who will be there with you when you birth your baby, they can be male or female, mother, sister, lover, husband, relative or friend. If you are looking for a professional doula (Birthing Companion) I can provide a list. There is no need to feel like you are managing alone, between us we can offer you on-going continuous physical, emotional and spiritual support.

When can I start?

It’s never too early (minimum of 14 weeks) to start HypnoBirthing classes, but don’t leave it too late! You will need at least four sessions before your baby arrives with ideally some time between sessions to practice.
Unless you would like to attend the Intensive courses which are run over 2 days.

How much is a course?

I always give a free no-obligation, consultation to answer any questions you may have. 

1-to-1 private sessions.

Private coaching is held in your own home as four, two hour sessions is £180.00. That works out at £45 per two hour session for you both. The fee includes three Hypnobirthing therapy CD’s/digital downloads, two relaxation CD’s/digital downloads and self-hypnosis tracks and all hand-outs. If you have a friend/family member that is expecting, why not share the cost of the course.


Group-work will be held in Bangor (Venue to be announced). There will only be a maximum of four birthing couples per course. The course will be approximately two hours every week for five weeks, Check the Relax n’ Birth Facebook page for dates, venues and times. Book early as places go quickly. Total price per couple for the whole course plus materials is £120That works out at £24 per week.

2 Hour techniques session.

Have you been through the Hypnobirthing training before and want to “freshen up” the Hypnobirthing technique or maybe you are unable to commit to the full 8 hour course, then the 2 hour technique course could be just the thing for you. Relax n’ Birth are now offering a special one-off 2 hour technique course. In the two hours, you will be taught the three breathing techniques associated with Hypnobirthing, self-hypnosis, Hypnotherapy for relaxed birthing, partner assisted massage techniques for Oxytocin release, birthing positions and pregnancy exercises.
The two hour course is £70 and you will get all the materials, booklets, MP3’s that you would normally get with the full course. Anyone further than 10 miles from Bangor will be charged an extra £5 for mileage, maximum mileage of 20 miles. The 2 hour techniques course is a 1-to-1 course (birthing partners are encouraged to attend). The course will be held in your own home or somewhere you feel comfortable.

Contact me if interested or you want more information.

In some circumstances I can provide a payment plan, please contact to discuss an affordable payment scheme. I do not charge interest.

What days and times can we meet?

1-to-1 Private Hypnobirthing sessions are held at a time that suits you and your birthing partner. I have time slots which include morning, afternoon and evenings, Monday to Friday. I also have limited availability at the weekends, generally afternoon on a Saturday and evenings on a Sunday. This can be discussed at the consultation.

Group-work. Will be held over five weeks for approximately two hours per week. Check Facebook site for Venue, times and dates.

Areas I cover are Bangor, North Down and Belfast areas. Please contact for more information.

Payment methods.

I accept cash, Paypal and all major credit cards through a Payleven Card reader. No added charges for Paypal or Credit Card payments.

PAYMENT PLANS: You can either pay in full or in two installments.

1-to-1 = Session 1 and 3 at £90 with the four day course. Intensive course is £80, on session 1 and £80 on session 2.

Group-work session, couples can pay in full (£120) at session 1. Or at each session (£24) or in two instalments (£60) at session 1 and session 3. If you wish to pay smaller amounts over a longer period, please ask. Please state at the consultation if you would like to start a payment plan.

GIFT VOUCHERS – Want to give someone that very special pregnancy/birth gift? Why not get them a gift voucher for the hypnobirthing course. You can pay for a few sessions or for the full coarse. The voucher can cover group-work, intensive and private 1-to-1 sessions. Prices detailed above.