How is hypnotherapy beneficial with fertility issues?


There are numerous ways hypnotherapy can help with infertility. Perhaps the most important benefit is stress reduction.

The hypothalamus gland is like the control center for reproduction, but it is also highly sensitive to stress. As much as a woman may want to conceive and go full term, the pressure to do that can sometimes be overwhelming.

Our bodies can either be in reproductive mode, when there is low stress, or survival mode when the stress is high. When stress and anxiety elevate, some of the survival mode reactions include the production of cortisol (the stress hormone) and activation of the sympathetic nervous system (creating physiological reactions to tension such as an elevated heart rate). Those reactions produce a fight or flight response, which puts the body into survival mode.

Can our bodies be in both the survival mode and the reproductive mode at the same time? It appears that the answer is no as women in survival mode often struggle to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

Hypnotherapy can help women reduce their stress through techniques like self-hypnosis and visualization. And remember, it is important to release old issues as it is often our “stuff” that lies at the root of the stress.

Darryl McCullagh Dip Hyp / Cert HypB




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