Harrison McGrattan – Birth Story

Becci and Adams Hypnobirthing story on the birth of their son, Harrison on the 5th August 2015. Written by New Mummy Becci.

Relax n' Birth @ McCullagh Hypnotherapy 07751227738So as you know I was due to be induced at 1pm. I was delighted to be woken at 3am with contractions, they were irregular and quite mild. This continued for 8 hours and then tapered off so we attended the scheduled induction at 1pm. The pessary was put in at 2pm and by 4pm the contractions were back. I just used the ball and breathing to get thru. This continued till 11pm and was told however I was only 1cm still. I felt a bit disheartened that I’d been having surges for so long and got nowhere.

Adam was sent home that night and I continued having increasingly powerful surges all night. By 5.30 am I knew I was getting closer. I was told I was then 3cm. Adam arrived back at 7am but by this stage I had entered transition and unable to speak. I used gas and air for the first 30 seconds of each surge.

I then felt my body naturally build pressure and my stomach squeezing downwards. I used my visualisation and deep relaxation to get thru. I informed the midwife I could feel the baby coming and was told I couldn’t do as was only 3cm not long ago….yet she then discovered I was 9cm and suddenly all the midwives started flapping. I was rushed down to home from home, Adam took the lead in communicating our wishes for upright birth and water pool.

I kept myself calm and got on my knees over the head of bed n allowed my body to take over. I was only just able to get in the pool in time as within 5 surges he was out. When I delivered the shoulders I sat upright and looked down under the water. Locking eyes with my son for first time. I’ll never forget it. Adam was amazing. Held my hand and talked to me the whole time. Birthing felt amazing and beautiful.

The midwife told me she felt privileged to have been a part of it and will always remember it as it was the most natural and calm birth she had saw in a long time. I was able to talk and smile between the final surges and was so happy to feel my body taking over and pushing him out by itself. We done delayed cord clamping and adam cut the cord. All in all it was just the perfect birth.