How your emotions effect your fertility


McCullagh Hypnotherapy 07751227738 darryl@mccullaghhhypnotherapy.co.ukThe truth is that your emotions affect your fertility. Stress, depression, anxiety and worrying can lead to failed attempts. No matter how well your timing is, negative thoughts can create a hostile environment and your body just isn’t ready for getting pregnant. The biological clock continues to tick and it just makes it harder. The cycle is never-ending unless you are willing to do something.

Sometimes there are medical reasons for being unable to conceive but this isn’t always the case. Often, doctors are simply confused and can offer no extra help, except fertility treatments that are costly and aren’t guaranteed to work.

You may hear that people who say it is the very last attempt find out they are pregnant and go on to have healthy babies. This is because their body is finally in a place to accept the conception. Hypnosis can help get your body ready, without you deciding that it is the last attempt.


McCullagh Hypnotherapy 07751227738 darryl@mccullaghhypnotherapy.co.ukGetting your body and mind ready

Hypnosis to get pregnant works by getting you mentally, emotionally and physically ready for conceiving a baby. It works on your unconscious, so you no longer feel anxious about the next attempt and the emotions won’t affect your hormone levels in a negative way. Stress is one of the biggest problems for fertility and hypnosis can help to lower those levels.

You may be consciously saying ‘yes’ to having a baby, yet deep down unconsciously, you mind may be saying no. To develop the perspective required for conceiving you need to be united in mind and body for the process of getting pregnant.

It is very useful in enabling clients to imagine and create positive outcomes – from being able to see themselves pregnant to being able to visualize embryos embedding while undergoing egg harvesting or implantation in IVF. You can give your unconscious mind free rein here and allow yourself to be creative, free, and prepared to follow your heart’s wishes.

When you become a parent you will embark on, what many people consider, the biggest adventure of your life – full of ups and downs, which means your hypnotherapy will not only help you conceive, but give you the strength and resilience to cope with new parenthood and the future challenges and adventures your new life will hold.


So what will happen in a Hypnotherapy session for Fertility?

During your hypnotherapy sessions, we will explore the mental and emotional elements that are often overlooked when trying to achieve a healthy pregnancy. We will start with a consultation, which will give us an opportunity to explore mental blocks to you conceiving. It will give you  an opportunity to ask questions and together we will formulate a treatment plan and the amount of sessions that may be needed.

So contact today and start this new adventure in a positive state of mind.