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McCullagh hypnotherapyOne of the things I have noticed over recent years is rise in client requests for help with Fears and Phobias.

The ones I most often deal with are fear of flying, fear of spiders, driving phobias and social phobias. Maybe the rise in the requests is reflective of the world we live in and how access to media sources has dramatically increased the opportunities to expand our knowledge and unwittingly fuel our fears.

The imagination is a very powerful tool and it is a unique human attribute for us to project our thoughts anywhere we wish, be it past present or future. The ability for us to project thoughts in this way is vital to the development of human race. Every new product, building, discovery, medical breakthrough, lunar adventure, etc etc, has at one time been no more than an idea in someone’s imagination. That idea has been nurtured and grown and developed to become a reality. Enstein was renowned for his ability to use his vivid imagination as a problem solving tool. However the same imagination that has been so powerful in our existence can also imagine negative outcomes. If the imagined event becomes compelling enough, that event can seem very realistic to a person, even though the event hasn’t actually happened. The imagined thoughts, feelings, sounds, smells and tastes associated with the event can appear very real to the individual. In this way even the suggestion of the event, can have a big emotional impact on the person. i.e. Mention flying to a person who is scared of it and you can immediately witness a change in emotional state as they play out the event in their mind. Even though their feet are still firmly planted on the ground, the imagined event is enough to change their emotional state.

This is where Hypnotherapy can help. By exploring positive resources a person has available to them (and there are many) it can be possible to recode the emotional response at an unconscious level, such that the person responds in a resourceful way when faced with the imagined or real event. E.g. Significantly reducing or completely collapsing the fear. The unconscious is where the fear/phobia resides. When a person is frightened, there is no time for conscious rationalisation, the response is automatic. Recoding the automatic response(s) at an unconscious level using a persons own resources is the key to lasting effective change.


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