End Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Ending anxiety and panic attacks is Darryl’s most successful and positive skill, it’s his speciality!


Overcoming anxiety after it’s developed into a major difficulty in your life can often be confusing and extremely upsetting. However, anxiety and panic attacks are not deseases and can be resolved. Darryl’s unique Life Coaching, hypnotherapy and behavioral therapy approach have been proven to be extremely effective.

One of the most powerful aspects of anxiety is its ability to convince you that you are alone in your suffering—that the fearful, shaky feeling is unique to you. But the truth is that everyone is affected by anxiety at some point, whether in response to a real threat or a perceived one. In fact, we’re hard-wired to want to flee when things get scary, it’s what keeps us alive and safe.

In fact, if you look at police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses and these type of emergency responder types of people, you can see that they have literally been reprogrammed and trained to respond contrary to their human instinct. They have been programmed (taught) to literally run to the danger and be proactive in resolving the issues, whatever they may be. But these people are an exception to the rule, as normal human behavior responds to danger or perseived danger in an entirely different way.

When anxiety begins to arise periodically in the absence of an actual threat, it can create negative effects on your physical health, your sleep can be disrupted, you may experience mood swings and depression, your emotional well being could be thrown off, your work may suffering, and even your relationships with others may be in jeopardy.

In the U.K. It is estimated that just under a quarter of the adult population suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. When anxiety begins to impact your daily life in a negative way…it’s time to call Darryl and set yourself up for a free consultation and start putting an end to your misery.

So when a feeling of anxiety arises within you, ask yourself: is there a real threat here? If there is, do what you can to remove yourself from it or the situation. If there isn’t, then give yourself a break from participating in the drama and instead watch the energy of the feeling rise and eventually pass away on its own. Do not try to escape it or question yourself as to why it’s happening. That will only prolong your anxiety and/or make it worse.

Anxiety takes many forms:

* If you have “Panic Attacks or Agoraphobia“, the anxiety is fooling you into believing that you’re about to die, go crazy, or lose control of yourself.

* If you have “Social Phobias“,it fools you into believing that you’re about to look so unreasonably nervous in front of people that you will be completely humiliated and be cast aside by your community.

* If you have a “Specific Phobias“, the anxiety fools you into believing that you’re likely to be overcome by some external object (like an elevator) or animal, or by your fear of it.

* If you have “O.C.D“, it fools you into believing that you’ve set in motion a terrible calamity. You might fear that your neighborhood will burn because you left the stove on, or that your family will get poisoned because you mishandled the insecticide etc.

* If you have “Generalized Anxiety“, you keep getting tricked into believing that you’re about to be driven mad by constant worrying.

In each case, the episode of fear passes without the expected catastrophe. You’re none the worse for wear, except that you’re more worried about the next episode and therefore by Law of Attraction, manifesting more of what your don’t want. The details seem different, but it’s the same anxiety trick.

It doesn’t really matter what type of anxiety you are experiencing, either way, it’s causing you discomfort and unhappiness. Isn’t it time to put an end to it? Please don’t say that it’s impossible, because it’s absolutely possible!
What do we do when we’re in danger? We only have three things: Fight, Flight, and Freeze. If it looks weaker than me, I’ll fight it. If it looks stronger than me, but slower, I’ll run away. And if it looks stronger and faster than me, I’ll freeze and hope it doesn’t see so good.

When people experience the fear of a panic attack, or a phobic encounter, or an obsessive thought, they instinctively treat it as a danger. They try to protect themselves, with some variation of Fight, Flight, or Freeze.

Why can’t I get rid of this anxiety?

You might wonder, why don’t people come to see this pattern, of repeated episodes of fear which don’t lead to the feared outcome, and then gradually lose their fear?

Often it’s because the symptoms were so uncomfortable and disturbing to them, that they now are in a state of constant fear of having the symptoms occur again. It doesn’t matter anymore to them that the feared outcome didn’t happen.

They don’t want to experience those horrible and uncomfortable symptoms again, so now they are in constant “Worry” mode about the “next time”. It convinces them that they are terribly vulnerable, so they replay how awful it was to experience the symptoms in their mind, visualizing it, speaking about it etc. Therefore by Law of Attraction, drawing more of what they don’t want (Anxiety & Panic Attacks) to them.

This is how the problem gets embedded in your life. You think you’re helping yourself, but you’ve actually been fooled into making it worse.

This is why my clients tell me so often, “The harder I try, the worse it gets“. If the harder you try, the worse it gets, then you should take another look at the methods you’ve been using/

Basically, you’ve been putting out fires with petrol. But the first step is always the same: Put down the buckets and stop throwing gasoline on that fire.

If any of this is striking a cord with you and you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time for you to start taking care of yourself, call Darryl and start the process of putting an end to it all. It’s time to feel good again or even for the first time in your life. Call Darryl today 07751 227738

Darryl McCullagh has been helping clients from all over North Down and Belfast for years, with anxiety and panic attacks, and doing so extremely successfully. Let Darryl help you lose your fear of the symptoms, thereby eventually eliminating the symptoms all together, through his unique approach of combined hypnotherapy, behavioral therapy and Life Coaching. Isn’t it time for you to invest in your own happiness and well being, if for no other reason, for your family, work and friends?