Creating a birth plan

PregnancyWhat is a birth plan?

A written plan that is used to communicate your preferences for labor and delivery to everyone involved in your child’s birth, include the doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, and your birthing coach.

Why do you need a hypnobirthing birth plan?

Every hospital and doctor has their own standard way of handling labor and delivery. Many of these standard practices may suit you fine, but others may not. The birth plan is a non-confrontational way to let your exact preferences be known. Many women think they can just tell their doctors what their preferences are ahead of time, but this is not a substitute for a written plan. There is no guarantee that your doctor will be the one who delivers the baby, and even if they do, they may not be able to keep track of all your preferences. Furthermore, the rest of the hospital personnel need to be aware of your preferences as well.

Your hypnobirthing birth plan is a really important tool that not only helps you get what you want, but also helps the doctors and nurses. So don’t be afraid that you will offend them by letting your preferences be known. And don’t forget that the birth plan is only a plan, and you can change any aspect of it at any time simply by speaking to your doctor or any of the hospital personnel.

What should your hypnobirthing birth plan include?

  • Due date and name of doctor.
  • A statement explaining the purpose of the plan.
  • Plans for management of labor (hypnobirthing should be noted here).
  • Preferences on monitoring devices.
  • Preferences on pain medication.
  • Criteria for inducing the baby.
  • Procedures for episiotomies.
  • Cesarean procedures and anesthesia if medically necessary.
  • Procedures for handling the baby immediately after birth.
  • Plans for breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
  • Preferences regarding photos, video, and music during labor and birth.
  • Information on your support team such as husband, doula, or family / friends.
  • Any other information that is important to you.

Darryl McCullagh Dip Hyp / Cert HypB


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