Conscious & Subconscious mind

Today I’m going to explain what are the differences between our conscious and subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is the part of the mind that is attentive when we is awake. It is the analytical part of mind with the capacity for criticism. This part of the mind analyses what we are experiencing and compares it to our past experiences and this is how we can respond to these experiences. It is the part of our mind in which the will also sits. This part of our mind helps us so that we can consciously go through our lives. When we sleep, this part turns off in us. We are no longer aware of ourselves and the environment.

The subconscious mind is the part of us that deals with the work of all our organs, in our waking state as well as when we sleep. That’s why we don’t have to consciously care about our heartbeat or breathing.
In addition, our dreams are subconscious.
95% of our mind or even a little more is not consciously controlled by us, but by our subconscious mind. Only 2 to 5% are consciously managed. Our conscious mind can handle 40 bits / sec. Our subconscious mind can handle 40 million bits / sec!
Our subconscious mind is the sum of all experiences, perceptions, impressions and memories we have ever remembered, but also all those we have forgotten or repressed, o the ones we can’t remember because they happened too long ago.
Our subconscious determines our daily actions and thinking.

The good thing about the subconscious is that it can’t distinguish between real and unreal. It doesn’t matter if we have experienced something real or if we only imagine intensively having experienced something. So with hypnotherapy we can replace the memory of a past negative experience with a new positive feeling.

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