Anxiety / Stress

  • Contrary to popular beliefs, anxiety does not arise directly from dangerous or harmful situations, but actually arises from the thought of potential situations.
  • As well as negative stress, we can also have positive stress – without some form of stress in our life, we would not do anything.
  • Anxiety is described as an unpleasant state of inner turmoil with feelings of dread.
  • Anxiety can sometimes bring on panic attacks, but not all suffers suffer an attack.
  • Plenty of situations that cause anxiety:


Medical – underlining problems

Existential – fear of fear

Test & performance – exams etc

Social – strangers, discomfort from physical contact.

  • Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety by reducing or relieving some of the symptoms through relaxation and calming visualisation techniques.
  • Signs of stress:

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS = Fatigue, headaches, upset stomach, indigestion, weight loss or gain, pounding heart, chest pains, dizziness.

EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS = Anxious, nervous, depressed, mood changes, irritable.

MENTAL SYMPTOMS = Negative thinking, lack of interest, loss of concentration, confusion, forgetfulness.


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So how can Hypnotherapy help feelings of Anxiety / Stress / Panic Disorders?

 Hypnosis can incorporate lots of different therapeutic models to help you deal with the presenting stress but also to help you avoid developing high underlying stress levels.
I can help unconscious learning and by teaching you relaxation techniques and exercises I can enable you to develop natural responses i.e. a relaxation reflex as opposed to a stress reflex.
I can also help with positive thinking and assertiveness. By understanding stress and your body’s reaction to it, you can start to create new positive reactions which become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Basically, the better you feel about your ability to cope with stressful situations, the better you will in fact cope with them.
Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for stress symptoms such as insomnia, muscle tension, rushing, worrying etc but is also a great approach to dealing with stress and anxiety before they even happen.