• McCullagh Hypnotherapy 07751227738 of a Allergy = Response within the body from a substance which is not necessary harmful itself, but results in an immune response.
  • 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from allergies and from recent studies, it appears the amount of people suffering from allergy related problems is increasing 5% per year.
  •  Common Allergens = Pollen, House dust mites, Bee & wasp stings, pets & feathers, drugs & medicine, food = milk/eggs/wheat/peanuts/other nuts, mould & fungi, house & industrial chemicals.
  • Best way to stop an allergy is to stay away from the trigger substance, but this is not always possible. Treatments include use of antihistamine, diet control, antioxidants, vitamin C & E plus citrus fruits have shown to ease effects of allergens.
  • Majority of allergy cases are exacerbated or caused by your fears or feelings about what you are allergic to, known as Psychosomatic.
  • Hypnotherapy helps with the psychological problems associated with Allergy problems. If you are a person with high stress levels, this could also cause the allergy or its associated bodily reaction to be worse, and hypnotherapy can address the stress and psychosomatic causes.
  • You can be allergic to anything…..