Gambling Addiction Treatment

Gambling addictions are a result of cravings created by our thoughts. These cravings can be resolved when we know the cause and resolve the subconscious want to gamble.

Anyone who is a gambling addict knows at a conscious level they can’t win on a consistent basis. It impossible. The odds are always against you.

The reason most people gamble is because there is something they are not happy with in their life. For some it develops into a habit. Chasing losses creates more stress and more a craving to gamble. It is a never ending cycle of doom and gloom.

For the bookies or owners of the pokie machines it is a licence to print money at your expense and the expense of your family. This can be resolved by resolving the stress creating the want to gamble. It usually takes around four sessions with a set of CD’s/MP3’s to use a couple of times a week to resolve this.
I supply the CD/MP3 download at the end of each therapy session and that can be listened to in your own home at a time that suits you, to change habit patterns of the mind.

A combination of Hypnotherapy and Counselling can bring about this change. Most people find their life improves in many other ways at the same time.

Is it time to quit being a loser and get your life back on track before it’s too late. Put your money into something that will benefit your life not destroy it.


Drug Addictions Hypnosis

A drug habit can often be just that -A habit. Sometimes a person starts with the odd party drug before developing the habit of wanting drugs all the time. The habit of wanting the feeling the drug brings creates the craving for it.

Habits take time to develop and time to break. It can take four to six weeks to break this habit. Understanding how the mind works and how craving develops is the starting point to breaking the drug habit.

My hypnotherapy drug addictions program will give you the tools and understandings to change the mind and change your life. People begin to feel happier and more confident. We teach how to improve relationships and develop a mind-set that needs no drugs.

Hypnosis and counselling can help break the drug habit and make you happier in the process.


Alcohol Addictions Hypnosis

Alcoholism or problem drinking. It can be two different things. Alcoholics should not be drinking at all. Problem drinkers have often developed the habit of drinking too often or too much. They have no boundaries. For the alcoholic drinking is not an option. They need to stop drinking altogether. The problem drinker can continue to drink socially if they can develop habits that maintain boundaries.

We will first work on setting up boundaries and developing habits for responsible social drinking. If a person can’t develop responsible drinking habits over the course of our program we move to avoidance of alcohol altogether.

Some people can be genetically predisposed to becoming alcoholics. For these people alcohol is not an option. Many people drink as a form of self-medication. They feel disconnected and dis-empowered with some aspect of their life and are trying to run away from this through drinking. I work with people to help them understand what makes them drink and resolve these issues by changing their mind set.

By using modern hypnotherapy methods, we can help you in overcoming the need for using alcohol altogether.


Food Addictions

Food Addictions can take many forms, chocolate and lolly are just a few.

Many people are addicted to junk food or fried food. All addictions come from cravings.
All cravings are created in the mind and the mind is the place we need to start to change this. We can do this through hypnosis, hypnotherapy and counselling over a short period of time.

Change your mind and change your life.
We have a simple and effective program to change the mind and drop the food addiction.
Often weight gain is a problem for people who have an a addiction to certain types of food.Weight loss hypnosis can also be included into the program at the same time.

Some foods are treats, not food groups. Chocolate is a treat not a food group. Our program works towards you seeing some foods as treats and using them as treats.
There is nothing wrong with having a small piece of chocolate as a treat. If you deny yourself altogether you will crave it more. We don’t work to take it out of your life. Just to turn it back to what it is, a treat.