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Are you a shopaholic?

Shopaholic is a term which, when used to describe a prodigal wife/husband/child, doesn’t seem much of a disorder. But what if someone goes home to find their family member, who bought a ridiculously overpriced dress when there is no occasion, tells that he/she bought it just because they couldn’t stop themselves from buying it.

What if the person finds that it is not the end and that particular member of the family does it on a regular basis of twenty days a month or so and stopped just because he/she could not afford it anymore on that particular month?

That is now called a disorder which needs to be addressed. Which if left unattended can grow into a serious addiction.


It doesn’t start on a single day and there may be many reasons for it to take stem. Some may become shopaholics to keep their depressions dormant by buying something fancy while some may go for it just to pass the time until they are consumed by it.

Hypnosis, an effective way?

It is not that easy to keep this compulsive buying disorder in check by one self. If it had been that easy then one wouldn’t have fallen as its prey in the first place.

So there comes a solution in the form of a hypnosis, which works effectively. Hypnosis not only works effectively but it also works in a very short period.

McCullagh Hypnotherapy helps a person to overcome the disorder by slowly bringing a change in the thought process of that person. Hypnotherapist Darryl helps a person to overcome shopping addiction with hypnosis and helps a person to eliminate that obsessive urge to shop just for the pleasure of it. By the end of the Hypnosis sessions a person can emerge as someone who holds complete control over what he/she is going to buy. Such will be the advantage of hypnosis with Darryl

By taking this effective path of taking the help of Darryl at McCullagh Hypnotherapy one can not only come out of this disorder but also come out of debts that are caused by it.

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